DTS Medicare Copay Gift Vouchers

DTS is a community of travelers, some with kidney function, some without who intend to improve the travel opportunities of people who use dialysis

DTS Medicare Copay Gift Vouchers

By Bill Peckham

Today there are over 450,000 people in the United States who are sustained by three time a week hemodialysis delivered at one of over 6,400 US outpatient hemodialysis facilities. Of those individuals about half, approximately 200,000 people have an insurance situation referred to as Medicaid secondary to Medicare.

A person in this situation relies on Medicaid to support the 20% of dialysis treatment charges not covered by their primary Medicare insurance. Since Medicaid is a state administered program these individuals lose their Medicaid secondary to Medicare coverage if they dialyze out of state. Thus, individuals in this situation must pay approximately $60 per treatment, often in advance, for every outpatient hemodialysis treatment they schedule outside their home state. Too often this situation leads to people not experiencing traveling, or missing treatments when they travel.

This financial burden is an unfair and little noted shortcoming of the US dialysis financing system. DTS will shine a light on this unjust quirk of insurance, while immediately providing financial support for people in this situation. DTS will encourage people in this situation to be counted and to travel as they wish and are otherwise able.

Beginning in April 2018 DTS will offer 100 Medicare Copay Gift Vouchers each month to people in the situation of having Medicaid secondary to Medicare. Stay tune for provider participation announcements, the plan is to sign up all providers to accept DTS vouchers through 2018.